Can you help? Queensland Flood Recovery

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We have had a number of members suggest that SSAA Farmer Assist should aid farmers that have been impacted by the recent Queensland floods. After investigating the most efficient and practical way to do this, and after discussions with AgForce Queensland, the SSAA Farmer Assist team has concluded that our members can best help by volunteering through the organisation BlazeAid. BlazeAid already has the infrastructure and programs to assist in this type of clean-up and rebuilding activity.

BlazeAid runs basecamps that are staging areas in specified locations to accommodate volunteers who will undertake rebuilding damaged fences in the local areas. You don’t need any fencing experience, just a willingness to give it a go and learn on the job. You can volunteer for a day or two or a week or more. All you need to do is contact the camp coordinator a few days before you are ready to attend a basecamp.

More information on how to volunteer for BlazeAid to help flood-affected farmers can be found on their website:

As a Farmer Assist member, if you feel like leaving your firearms at home and assisting farmers in a different way, this is certainly a worthwhile way to do so. This will show the wider community that members of SSAA Farmer Assist are not just concerned about shooting pest animals but that we also care about our rural community. SSAA will provide all members who register to participate in flood recovery work with a free SSAA Farmer Assist cap to wear while they are on site. This will ensure that while you are helping rebuild farmers’ damaged infrastructure, you will also help build awareness of our program.

To receive your free SSAA Farmer Assist cap, please email your details to once you have contacted and committed to joining an activity managed by BlazeAid. We will then have a SSAA Farmer Assist cap sent to you.

Volunteering for BlazeAid is not restricted to SSAA Farmer Assist members so feel free to invite family and friends to join you in a worthwhile community support initiative

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