Additional Information for SA Members

South Australian SSAA members

If you are a current accredited member of the SSAA South Australian Conservation & Wildlife Management (CWM) Branch, you can go straight to the registration page to sign-up for the SSAA Farmer Assist program. Your current SSAA SA CWM accreditation is recognised as being sufficient to cover the practical target assessment requirements of the program.

If you are not a current member of SSAA SA CWM, you are required to undertake the practical competency target assessment that is part of the registration process.

Full details of the program requirements can be found in the Complete Program Booklet and additional information is available for SSAA members. The practical competency target assessment involves successfully shooting the approved SSAA Farmer Assist Assessment Target and getting the target signed off by a SSAA authorised range officer.

The practical competency target assessment can be undertaken at any suitable SSAA SA range. Please contact your local range directly to find out if they have the facilities and time to accommodate your needs. You are advised to contact your local range prior to attending to shoot the target so you know the appropriate time to arrive and what range fees may be applicable.

SSAA SA will also be coordinating assessment through the CWM branch where SSAA members in or near metropolitan Adelaide can undertake this assessment. These events will be planned and conducted by range officers and members from the SSAA SA CWM Branch.

Assessment Day Schedule

Shooting Assessment Venue: Monarto Range      Date: TBA

Register your interest by emailing SSAA SA CWM.