Farm Biosecurity

Farm biosecurity is serious business and all visitors must follow landholder instructions to mitigate any risks on or off the property. For SSAA Farmer Assist members, vehicle hygiene (cars, quads, ATVs and motorbikes) would be the primary focus of any biosecurity risk mitigation activities. Of course, footwear and clothing may need some special attention depending on the current biosecurity risk situation and protocols in place at a particular property. Diseases, pests and weeds can enter a farm and be spread by equipment and vehicles, either directly or in plant material, soil or manure. It is important to maintain equipment hygiene and ensure all vehicles that visit a property are clean and well maintained.

Vehicle hygiene

Vehicle tyres, undercarriages, grills, floors and trays can carry diseases, pests and weeds in soil, plant material and manure. A basic ‘where-to-clean’ list is provided below that can be adapted to any vehicle that a SSAA member may use while visiting and/or undertaking pest control activities on a property.
The information above has been adapted from the Australian Defence Force military equipment & personnel: guidelines for offshore inspection and the Australian Department of Agriculture’s machinery cleaning guides and checklists.