Animal Welfare


Animal Welfare 

SSAA Farmer Assist considers animal welfare as an important component of pest control and other activities that the broader SSAA undertake.

We believe that pest animals should be treated in a humane way and that shooting as a pest control measure achieves this.

The Australian Government has developed a number of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure animal welfare is taken into account when people undertake shooting activities to control pest animals. These SOPs have been endorsed by the National Biosecurity Committee and are to be seen as guiding documents to help provide a uniform approach to the management of pest animals.

Using SOPs in conjunction with the SSAA Farmer Assist program’s own Code of Practice, our Humane Hunting Principles and Proper Shot Placement guidelines (found in our Complete Program Booklet), activities can be conducted humanely in a ‘best practice’ manner.

For more info regarding relevant SOPs that cater for pest animals found on farms and other rural lands, please visit our Animal Welfare Considerations page.