Pest Animal Control


Pest Animal Control

The SSAA Farmer Assist program has been developed to enable farmers with wildlife management issues to seek pest animal control assistance from licensed and insured SSAA members.

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA)  launched its SSAA Farmer Assist program throughout Australia in a staged roll out. This program has been developed to provide farmers and landholders with a simple way of finding qualified SSAA members to undertake shooting as part of pest control activities. This service is provided at no cost. That’s right… It is FREE to use!

The program has a unique online portal that acts like an introductory service. Farmers and landholders simply register and then use the program’s job board to seek pest control assistance to deal with problem wildlife on their properties. Once the request has been added to the jobs board, only registered members approved for the program can respond to the request. Farmers then simply choose which member/s they want to contact after viewing submitted applications.

For extra peace of mind, all SSAA members participating in the SSAA Farmer Assist Program are covered by the Association’s $20 million public liability insurance policy. Members involved in the program have also committed to a strict code of practice that incorporates safety, animal welfare and ethical shooting. Members must undertake an assessment to display a professional-like shooting standard.

Our members can assist with a wide variety of pest animals on your property. We have more detailed information on the common pest species that we can help with below:

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View our Pest Control Services page for an overview of pest species that we can help you with. All information that landholders or managers need to get started can be found here.